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Ultra Rare Collection

 Now you can own some of the most prized works

 of Tony Andruzzi  (1925-1991)

and MORE! 

The first time a collection of this size and content has been offered!

Own the original works

Featuring: (click names to zoom to each item quickly)

If you love Bizzare Magick or are curious about this branch of the arts, it is time to build your collection with the works from "Father of the Bizarre Movement".

 Now is your chance to own some of his best (and last) works before his death.


Who was Tony Andruzzi and why is work coveted by magicians around the world?

I could not say it any better than  they do at this site.

Mr. Andruzzi helped inspire and develop the Bizzarist branch of magic which  focuses on story telling and theatrical magic presentations to give magic meaning and impact.

I am the original owner of each item. 

Mr. Andruzzi created not only original material but unique formats to share this knowledge as with:


Condition - EXCELLENT LIKE NEW! (click the scroll for close up)


This by far is the top prize of this collection.  Next to the hardly seen for sale Necromicon and Grimoire , THE LEGENDARY SCROLL of MASKLYN ye MAGE is the next most sought after work for any collector. 


This is a rare opportunity not only to see the mysterious material  but to possess it in THE ORIGINAL format of his works.  No book reproduction would ever do  justice to this one of a kind work. IT IS A SCROLL!

The scroll for auction also has a an ULTRA unique feature not seen before!:

The scroll for auction has wooden beehive ends.  Most of the scrolls seen have had round ends making this one very unique indeed!


DID MASKLYN ye MAGE foretell his death by revealing the secrets contained in the scroll?

Click the photo  to read his forward to the scroll and you decide!

Not only does the scroll contain secrets from Masklyn, it also has contributions by some of the top names of magic such as: Steven Minch, Dr. Mazarian, T.A. Waters, Anthony Raven and Eugene Burger.

This feature alone as been known to be valued at $800-1000.


VERY GOOD Condition

Next to the Scroll the next most desired work is the Daemon's Diary.

The Diary is in very good condition with only some slight discoloration on the front cover an some natural yellowing due to its age.

This feature is known to have sold for as much as $150 in the rare instances it has been offered.

SEE THE MASTER HIMSELF IN ACTION: 2 VHS videos - Excellent condition:

2 VHS tapes capturing rare appearances, dialog and instruction of Mr. Andruzzi as himself as well as Masklyn ye Mage.  I can provide you with a DVD back up upon request since you are buying the original tapes.

Once you own the books you will enjoy seeing him perform some of the effects in both the scroll and in the Diary. 

BIZARRE with Masklyn ye Mage 1988 produced by Flora and Company (VHS)

"The FIRST VIDEO of Bizarre Magick!"

Learn the secrets of The Coffin Nail, Sympathetic Sorcery, Daemon Dirt, The Jewels of Hawthorne and more!

Value $60

EUGENE GOES BIZARRE 1990 by Michael Caplan and  Eugene Burger (VHS)

Join Eugene Burger and is friends Tony Andruzzi and Jay Inglee as the explore the strange world of Bizarre Magick.

Here you will get a rare peak as Eugene takes a visit to the unusual home of Tony Andruzzi. Not only that you also will obtain the knowledge of one of the Greats in magic today  EUGENE BURGER.

Value $30



Winner will also receive two rare short clips of Tony Andruzzi participating at a magic convention on DVD! WOW! Tony shares a ghost story and then his thoughts on a magic piece during a lecture.



MODERN ILLUSIONS by Tom S. Palmer Condition- Fair

Tom S. Palmer was Tony Andruzzi's name before he changed it for a second time.


I do not know the publication date of this.  I do not think it is a first printing. Maybe the green cover is an indication. No copyright listed. While this is before he was known for Bizarre magic, one can seem some really cool bizarre twists on some illusions. 
This manuscript has some unique stage and parlor illusions that would work today.

Condition is fair. Back cover is torn off  but included and there are two pen marks.

 Some black pen marks on the front cover and some water stains on the inside front cover.

Value $10-15

BONUS Ephemera: Condition -  Good

Genii The International Conjurors Magazine  Volume 46- Number 7 July, 1982

Contains the original  1/3 page ad for the Legendary Scroll of Masklyn ye Mage!

Total collection value: $1,040-1200 US

Serious Bidders only! Please ask any questions before you bid.  Must have positive feedback to bid.  Auction items will be held for 5 days in which time payment is expected in full. No returns.

Check or Money order only. Credit card may be accepted if you are willing to pay a 5-7% surcharge. Contact first. If check sent, items will be shipped once the check clears.

Shipping:  Shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Contact with postal code for shipping information. Due to the high value of the items, insurance will be required. Note: I do not inflate shipping charges nor do I add a handling fee. I may round up to the nearest dollar or charge any special packaging that may be requested. Contact if you have any questions.

Thank you for bidding and good luck!